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Snail Games

There are creatures that by their nature are ideal for starring online games, such as sharks or tigers, for example. And then there are those on the opposite side, like the so-called lazy or the snail, so relaxed and inactive that you can do very little with them ... except if you subject them to a facelift and, as part of the "joke", give them gifts like speed and hyperactivity. The one that best fits such a pantomime is the snail, with its gelatinous structure, carrying the house on its back everywhere and the trail of drool that leaves where it passes, gives little except to eat lettuce ... unless you give a role protagonist in snail games, where the gastropod mollusk will have to venture on platforms full of traps, dodge threats, make jumps and locate objects. Among the lucky ones we have to the slow but sure Snail Bob, that you will have to control, and even some famous, like Gary of SpongeBob, no less. And it seems that no but the snail games are pure delicatessen.