Dog Games

Sure you would love to take care of a puppy dog ​​so in our section of dog games you can do it in a virtual way. You have to attend to their needs so that they grow healthy and strong, they have to be clean, eat and drink when they need to, play with their toys and give them a lot of love. There are other dog games where you just have to dress them with your most beautiful and fun clothes. There are even costumes with which they will be very funny. No matter the race, it can be a yorkshire, a chihuahua or a bulldog, sure they are adorable. And if what you would like to be older is a veterinarian in this section you will find games in which you will have to take care of the puppies by giving them injections, healing their wounds and giving them the medicines they need. Or if what you prefer is to work as a dog hairdresser with our games you can simulate it, first you must wash your hair, use the hair dryer, comb them so they are beautiful and you can give them to their owners.