Bird Games

You can wake up in the mornings by listening to them. Stroll through the park and watch them flutter, or feed them. Of course there are also those who hunt them, who eat them and sometimes make you undesirable gifts that fall from the sky. Be that as it may, we talk about the birds. Those beautiful winged creatures that emit such characteristic sounds. Its functionality is such that they have also been protagonists of innumerable movies, series, comics, stories and, of course, bird games where the variety is very and very complete. You can experience the freedom to unfold the wings and fly. Also run and jump on platforms. Shoot your feces against some soulless or receive a handful of pellets to prevent you devour the harvest. And let's not forget what is undoubtedly the most famous bird game, "Angry Birds", where you will have to collapse structures using our friends with feathers as a projectile or enjoy the many, very colorful and crazy different versions of such a recognizable pastime. The point is to have a good time with the birds, and that we guarantee you'll have plenty of.