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If your favorite animal is the cat you can not stop playing our cat games, we have a lot and in each of them you will have a different objective. For example, take care of a newborn kitten so that it grows healthy and does not miss its mothers, give it milk or food in a bowl, give it a bath so that it is clean, play with it and give it a lot of love. The objective of this type of games is that with your care I am always happy. You can also work in a cat hairdresser and you must take care of them so that they have clean and short hair, also cut their nails and everything that pet owners ask for. And if you like your crafts you can learn how to make a stuffed animal by following the instructions to cut the fabrics, sew them, put the filling and choose the details. But the best of all is that you can print the patterns and do the same in reality.