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Spider Games

There are those who love them and there are those who can not even see them. They are spiders, those small, elusive creatures with several legs, some of them hairy and with amazing abilities. Faced with such difficult qualities, it was going to be that the human being did not think of them to make all kinds of fictions. Sometimes it was about presenting them as little evil monsters. In others they were the cause of certain human beings acquiring super powers. And at least, the spiders have presented themselves as positive creatures. That's what we offer you in our section of spider games, a remarkable variety that will not leave you indifferent. Representing the good spider games we have the immortal Spiderman willing to save Mary Jane a hundred times and whoever needs it. On the side of intelligent spiders, we have several hobbies that will require your ability to build spider webs or other varied puzzles. And if you're looking for evil spiders, there are also spiders. And they are tiny! All of them here, in these spider games. Be careful not to get stung.