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Bunnies are very tender, soft and very affectionate animals, enjoy your company in this great variety of rabbit games. They are mainly games of care in which you must bathe them so they smell great, feed them with carrots or baby bottles if they are very babies and play a lot with them so that they are happy. You can also play with the famous 'Baby Hazel' since one of your pets is a pretty white bunny, show him how to take care of him. Or if what you want is to spend time doing crafts you can make a stuffed rabbit following the instructions given by the game, and best of all, you can print the patterns and do it in reality. But if what you prefer is something more action, in our games of rabbits you can also live a lot of adventures with the most intrepid and brave rabbits. Jump dodging dangers and get all the carrots you can in these fun platforms.