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Bear Games

Bears are large creatures, generally omnivorous and, despite their terrible teeth and tremendous strength, eat mostly fruits, roots and insects. There are different types of bear, being the polar ones, the pandas and the browns the most showy ones. In the world of fiction the bear has been a recurring character: We have the lazy bear Sid of "Ice Age". The immortal Baloo from "The Book of the Jungle". You can not miss the good Yogi Bear and his companion Bubu. Po is the karateka panda of the "Kung-Fu Panda" saga. Winnie the Pooh gives name to the inevitable creation of the Disney factory. Let's not forget the recent series "We are Bears". Or the trio protagonist of the story of the Three Bears. Well, all of them, and many more, are the protagonists of this section of bear games, where you can put on your furry skin. Or in the version of more realistic and zoologically correct, to star in all sorts of adventures. Discover the secrets of such a venerable animal playing bear games.