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They are the most fun animals in the jungle and in our section of monkey games you can check it in different adventures. Whether jumping from branch to branch of trees to get as many bananas as possible, throwing fruits to gather three or more peers or even handling a space ship. No matter what the objective of the game is, you will have a great time with these nice animals. Another of the types of monkey games we have is to take care of them, you can feed your bottle, clean and play with baby monkeys to grow healthy and happy. You can even work in a zoo and take care of the cage of monkeys and other animals. You can also enjoy a version of the Nintendo classic, 'Donkey Kong' in which the famous gorilla must throw bananas to reach the barrels. And for the little ones of the house we have the games to paint, in which you will be able to color different drawings with funny monkeys as protagonists.