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Pony Games

Ponies are beautiful animals, smaller than horses but just as beautiful. In our section of games of ponies you will be able to verify it. Play to work taking care of ponies, you must comb them with the brush so that hair is radiant, fix the horseshoes and finally put them beautiful choosing the most beautiful accessories. If what you prefer is to work in the field you can simulate having a ponies farm to raise these animals and then sell them in the market. And we can not forget the daycare of ponies, in which you will have to take care of the smallest of the block. But we also have fantasy ponies in pink colors, with wings or half mermaid half pony. Choose every detail like the color of your hair, the spots on your body, your eyes, your wings and a lot of other things. You can play to create it to your liking or simply paint with your favorite colors the drawing that is appearing.