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The penguins are sea birds of the most endearing and graceful, with their clumsy gait and that plumage that looks like an elegant tuxedo. In fact, the first Europeans who saw them in their time baptized them very opportunely as "bobo birds". Boobies or not, if something that penguins do not distil at all is aggression. You see them and the only thing you want is to spoil them. Of course, here and now we do not talk about real life, we find ourselves in the universe of online games, which translates into madness and dementia. All this splashes these nice creatures in a handful of penguin games where you will see them do everything but sing and dance. Yes, there are some majos, sweet and in love, but for that matter it is more the opposite, that is to say, mischievous, bellicose penguins and with desire for cane, so much that they would leave in diapers certain angry birds that take good note. Games of penguins with desire to build a good jarana before your astonished eyes and aching little fingers.