Geography Games

What is the capital of Estonia? What city appears at the confluence of the Júcar and Huécar rivers? What is the size of the city of Cartagena? In what sea are the Cyclades islands? When are we going to stop asking you weird things? Well, if all these questions sound like Mandarin Chinese, it's that geography is not your thing, a real problem when it comes to making friends or becoming the center of attention for company dinners. Solution ?, Educate yourself with geography games !. Yes, you could spend the pay that your parents give you in a complete collection of encyclopedias. Leave your eyelashes brooding in front of the computer. Or pay a teacher to bore you with rancid geography for beginners. Of course it would also be interesting to get involved with these geography games that are so great, entertaining, practical and instructive and surprise the next party they invite you to. You will expand knowledge, hair will grow on your bald head and your warts will disappear. Okay, these geography games do not work miracles ... but they do entertain mallets. Word!.