Puzzle Games

Everyone knows what they are, what they are for and how they play with puzzles, also known as puzzles or puzzles. You have a specific image cut into different parts and, basically, it is about gathering all the pieces scattered until reforming it. Return to the origin, if we put ourselves symbolic. Depending on the puzzle and the number of pieces, you can take five minutes ... or five weeks. There each one with his level of patience. When you finish, you sing, dance or, directly, it gives you a snuff. In the world of online entertainment, the word "puzzle" encompasses something more than the theory of broken drawing, because in the end, puzzle games consist of gathering a series of pieces that, stuck together, mutate into some kind of result. And there is everything, solve mysteries, stack objects to build roads, combine atoms, overcome platforms with the help of flatulence, throw fruits in tasty cockatils, make toys, make vases take off and I do not know how many more monsergas are at your disposal in these games. Puzzle so twisted funny.