Candy Crush games

Rare will be the person who has not ever played in his life Candy Crush, one of the most successful pastimes created in recent years, as present in social networks as mobile applications. Its simplicity and vivid coloring make it very addictive. It is a board composed of different candies with different shapes and tonalities. The idea is to collect those that are equal in groups of at least three pieces. If you do, they disappear in a cheerful burst and so many other candies fall from the sky, so everything starts again. That's the nature of the Candy Crush and, of course, the Candy Crush games, which are legion. It does not matter if the candies change in size or shape. If they are replaced by fruits, marbles, emoticons or pickles. Nor does it take away the dream if the board is square, round or pyramidal. All those games suck from the same essence, the Candy Crush. In other words, you'll get tired of seeing appetizing edibles disappear before your eyes with Candy Crush games.