Logic Games

Let's end with the absurd myth that online games are harmful. That in them only kills and destroys. Sometimes, and not a few, they also serve to think, to use logic. And beware, the others, the shooting and punching are not bad either, but we already know how much some like to touch their noses. With the games of logic we are facing the paradigm of purely constructive entertainment. They require your attention. Of all your brain capacity. The emotions they exude may not be immediate and extreme, but deep and more lasting. And, on top of that, they are good for your health. You have to take care of the gray matter, and much better if you do it with logic games like the ones you'll find in this section. Some will be more schematic, others more colorful, but in all things will think, reason, act prudently and methodically. So busy you will be squeezing the brain, which will happen to you in a plis. Eat bananas, give logic games and brag like Einstein.