Escape Games

We have a great variety of escape games in which to demonstrate your skill solving puzzles to get away and escape from the most surprising places. Search for objects in all rooms and think about how to use them to escape your abduction. You can be held in a simple room, in a tenebrous house or even in an abandoned submarine. Use your imagination and do not despair sure that in the end you will find the solution and you can be free. Or if what you prefer are prison escape games we also have some where you will feel like the protagonist of the series 'Prison Break'. Try to get out of prison by not being seen by the guards or you will be arrested again. Be very stealthy and attack from the back because otherwise they will give the alarm and you will be lost. You can run away from the police with a car like in a movie chase, drive at full speed on the road trying not to be stopped. But be careful and do not crash against any other car.