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Although many ill-conceived would not agree with the statement that follows, the brain is the most important organ of the body. It is the generator of sensations, of feelings, of the imagination with which to flee from uncomfortable situations and is, obviously, the machine of memories, of memory. For all that, it is convenient that we take care of our delicate gray matter, so that it stays in good shape as long as possible. And what can be done to achieve it ?. Well many things ... among them, stimulate it. And how do you do that? Because with memory games, a corner in the vast universe of entertainment where you can reed the cerebellum in the most fun way possible, counting, looking at the details, ie: playing. How many times has the doll moved? or what was the previous order of these nervous images? And this is just a slight sampling of what you'll find in this section of memory games. They are healthy and pleasant, will you remember? (includes a malicious laugh here).