Matching Games

Loneliness is a bad companion. And it is a condition that affects beyond possible feelings and sentimentality. It is also suffered in an aesthetic sense. Nothing like a balanced image by its equal right next to it. That is approaching perfection, and the rest is nonsense. And that's why it's so funny, stimulating and healthy for the brain to get lost in the games of couples and try to find a partner, a clone, to that image or object that lends itself. Sometimes you have a board infested with them, and you must go around to see what they hide. Once you have the couple located, you just have to try to merge into a union that will not destroy or the passage of time. But if you are one of those who consider that sometimes two are still too few, you will like to know that in the games of couples you can also create gangs of three, four or more images. The question is that they have something in common and that they swear eternal loyalty. This is more beautiful