Block Games

They say that in life everything is cyclical. In the old days, when we still did not live in an eminently digital era, the kids were distracted with block games. They could be larger or smaller, made of wood or plastic, but they always had bright primary colors. And the thing was to stack them with the healthy purpose of creating fancy forms. Sometimes the intention was to imitate reality despite the resulting disaster. In others, it was about letting go, letting go of the imagination. Well, the years go by, we get older, new technologies emerge, and a boring afternoon we decided to give away an online game with one of our devices. And what do we find? Because now block games are for all ages, they are played on a screen, perhaps they have altered their appearance, they have complicated their development, but in the end they consist of the same: combine, collect and collect blocks to achieve an objective, which would not be to accumulate points or win games, but to distract and release the child that we all carry inside. Unlock and please the buttons!