Bejeweled Games

The successful game of Bejeweled perpetuates what is already a whole formula, that based on the grid in which you have to combine objects by color or appearance so that, formed a group, disappear and give way to many others, always trying to avoid jams , spend the required time and add the highest score of which you are capable. It seems that no, but after such a simple concept we find hobbies really effective in their mission and genuinely addictive. Once you've started playing with Bejeweled, you can not quit. And who says Bejeweled, says its many variants, versions and revisions put at your disposal in these Bejeweled games, where the original game's jewels turn into candy, bubbles, flowers, sushi, skulls, funny faces, billiard balls or fruits. The same goes for the funds and their designs. Even on occasion, they are popular characters of the animation that motivate their existence and playability. In the end, simply, what we have left are enjoyable and idle Bejeweled games and, hey, there's nothing better than that.