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Protect your Kingdom and the inhabitants that live in it in our exciting defense games. Live a lot of adventures in medieval times defending the castles and their Kings by placing defense towers with archers, catapults and other powerful weapons that will prevent the arrival of orcs, enemy soldiers or other dangers. You can also create an empire in defense games like the incredible 'Goodgame Empire' in which you must invade nearby Kingdoms taking your army to fight against them. Build a village with sawmills, blacksmiths, farms and everything you need to expand your army with more soldiers. But if what you prefer is something more current you can defend military bases of terrorist attacks by throwing bombs or placing weapons that avoid entering. Or if you prefer you can defend the survivors of the zombie invasion by firing at them before they reach the trenches. There are a lot of different adventures to choose from, they are all exciting and sure to make you have a good time.