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Nobody likes to cross paths with thieves, to have their wallet, purse or bank account in full. But see them on a screen where, thanks to a handful of games of thieves, one can control, direct, dominate and fight ?, man, then things change. Of course, perhaps in your darkest fantasies you would like it, or for once and from the absolute safety and legality - without fear of ending behind bars -, get into the skin of a gang of thieves. Infiltrate yourself astutely in a bank and methodically open the safe deposit box to get you jewels and money. Or maybe it seems more exotic to explore the ruins of an ancient building in search of fabulous treasures of incalculable value. Sounds good, huh ?. There is nothing wrong with that, we talk about fantasy, unleashed pixels and fun. And these games of thieves where you can be that, and much more, they put it to egg. Come, do not cut yourself, to mangar and that is what the online leisure guru wants !.