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When you're little and you grab a pen for the first time to draw a human being, usually what you get is something made up of sticks. A crude, basic and simple image that you quickly forget as soon as you start to improve your technique. No one would think that one day that man made of sticks, or Stickman, would end up becoming a phenomenon of online games starring the most crazy and wild adventures. And the Stickman games are always accompanied by violence and a very black sense of humor. The opposite of that innocent image they convey. In the Stickman games you will find men whose fine and delicate arms are capable of holding submachine guns or sabers with which to shatter so many others of their own kind. Or grab the handlebars of a bicycle and make spectacular jumps and pirouettes. Of course there are also willing to receive a beating. Either because they exercise Ragdoll or because, in short, fate has wanted it. Simple as that ... as much as the structure of Stickman himself.