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What exactly are you looking for when you want to burn a bit of boredom with the help of games? Let us test your answer to see if we succeed. Brave individuals with a cubic head looking for adventures. A thousand and one battles located in pixelated worlds. Car thieves. Cars full of dents on the warpath. Motorcycles addicted to the most dangerous pirouettes. Terrible urban legends come true. Mythical soccer players Adventurers in search of fantastic treasures. Gangsters with a square head. Enraged demons. Ambitious kings. Challenges that will test your brain. Ninjas, pirates, fairytale characters, military, the universe of Star Wars, zoos where animals are the last claim, villages of the far west, trucks without control or weapons spitting fire incessantly. If we have been successful in everything, it means that you are looking for Webgl games. An extensive and entertaining catalog of games for all audiences and for all the desires that have in common their ability to guarantee a good time. Take the test, choose one of our Webgl games and tell us how.