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Monsters are of many shapes, colors and smells. We have gigantic people who love to stomp buildings. There is also that they come from outer space, they show tentacles and they throw rays through the eye. Of course you do not have to go so far to get to know good monsters, there are them under the earth in the shape of a human mole, inhabiting the cellars of gloomy castles sleeping the mona in coffins, or occupying the gurney of sinister laboratories. Not far from there, and floating in the black lagoon, we have them scaly. And if you look further back, you will see a cemetery from which, eventually, a dead man comes out who has come back to life and asks for a brain ration. They all walk around here, for the monster games. Many have the intention to devour you, so you will have to fight to live. Although there are no shortage of well-meaning, innocent and some quite funny. Even if you are lucky, you can get into its green skin and go out there hunting for human delusions fans of monster games. What a beautiful and monstrous paradox !.