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That an enemy army invades your beautiful city ?. Do not worry, the shots are the solution. What a horde of zombies has slipped into the restaurant while you have a quiet dinner with your partner ?. Nonsense! The bullets fix everything. That the mafia is anxious to put on a bit of cement ?. No problem, shooting is understood by people. That your neighbor puts the music very high ..., no, kidding! Everything exposed is, because fortunately we only talk about games, fiction, which is the only really fun way to pull the trigger ending with the existence of pixelated individuals in shooting games like the ones we leave here for your complete and perverse joy . Whether it's in full combat, on top of a building with telescopic sight or a dusty street in the far west, armed with a laser cannon, a catapult or a pair of coconuts, the point is to shoot and score points in these shooting games in those that you will put aim your good aim and, of course, a healthy sense of humor. Bang, bang! It does not matter if we talk about small holes or huge gaps through which you can see the landscape. All of them are the possible effects of a lot of shooting. And the shots mean action and the action means adrenaline flowing relentlessly. Roaring projectiles emerged from the interior of an endless catalog of the most varied arsenal: Magnum 44, AK-47, Python 357, XM 214 Microgrun, Desert Eagle, Dahl Gren Canyon ... all and more star in this inconceivable collection of shooting games. And you, all you have to do is take all those weapons and use them against whatever is planted in front of you: gangsters dressed in expensive suits, disheveled terrorists, military men who look at you badly, monstrous creatures with the intention of devouring you or even, put to enumerate, malignant bugs coming from another universe. They do not know it, but they all have one thing in common, they have shot me written on my forehead. You carry, I want to play these shooting games written in yours.