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They defend the law, help the unprotected, arrest the thieves and encourage the protester. Wearing a shiny plaque and ensuring peace wherever they go, are men and women in blue. You can call them cops, you can call them cops and you can call them worse things. They are, in short, the protagonists of these games of policemen and thieves. Join your cause and enforce the law wherever it is needed. Unfold the gun, shoot the mobster, wife the caco, drive punch, jump over the roofs, star in exciting chases on wheels and end the injustice with vibrant and exciting police games. The best thing is that you will not need a bulletproof vest, or weapons permit, and, for that matter, not even a driver's license, you will be able to run with these policemen through your screen, so divinely and dripping adrenaline without letting go of a very bad drop of sweat. Cops games saturated with action and adventure only for brave cadets of your size and size. The sirens sound, the engines start, by the miscreants!