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Hidden in the shadows at the top of the building, snipers hide. Elite assassins with lynx look and tempered pulse. Patients and silent, wait without moving a muscle. They know that their objective will end up being in the spotlight and then ... mission accomplished !. Satisfied but thirsty, the snipers recharge and point their diabolical rifle in another direction. And the action starts again. Do you want to experience all that tension, emotion, risk and suspense? Then do not stop playing these sniper games. Especially suitable to enjoy them on the screen of whatever your device, and very popular, sniper games are highly addictive. Who does not like to spy on their trusted enemies in the distance knowing that they have control in their hands ?, Which at any moment can shoot and hit from the safety of their hiding place ?. Difficult to resist such a tempting, ostentatious and diabolical pleasure, friends. Do not hesitate, put yourself in the skin of these snipers and give pleasure to the trigger.