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Tower Defense Games

A badly injured messenger has arrived in the kingdom warning that the enemy army wants to cross the border. You can not allow it for the safety of yours. So you send your men to the towers in order to prevent it. Many will disappear, and some towers will be demolished, but it does not matter, new ones will rise and the contest will continue until one of them wins. It's the magic of tower defense. Everything will depend on your ingenuity, the ability to lead your army and your skills as a strategist. In tower defense games you are required to use that thing that you have over your eyebrows, the cerebellum! From time to time it's cool to just drop cakes or hit shots like a madman, of course, but it also has its intrigue and, above all, its emotion to plan an attack or organize defense in the heat of battle. With tower defense games, its medieval, futuristic or fantasy settings and, above all, its imposing towers, you can develop such healthy passions. The battle begins !.