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Plants vs. Zombies Games

There are many ways to end a zombie invasion. By means of firearms, machetes, mechanical saws or cars equipped with sharp blades, for example. But nobody would ever think that the most effective way to do it was with plants. Or as the Murcians say, plants vs zombies. Plants ?, Of those I have on the balcony, tucked in beautiful yellow pots ?. Well no, these are a little special, let's say they have faces, eyes, bad grapes and a bellicose tendency that, at least to stop zombies, goes for pearls. Although in reality the concept of plants vs zombies did occur to someone, what a mind changed ?, to the creators of the games of plants vs zombies gathered here -not them, but the games- in which, literally, you must stop the slow but aggressive attack of the undead by throwing explosive seeds or carrots, so to speak. And the funny thing is that the thing works like a charm, as you can see yourself playing these crazy games of plants vs zombies . Sput !.