Board Games

The tables have another great utility besides being able to eat on them, they serve to play. What some scholars call ingeniously board games. Words that give substance to all those leisure shows that take place in, effectively, a table normally surrounded by the players. The sum of elements offers many possibilities, so we have dice, chips, rolls, cards or boards. And almost all have a single common requirement, they require brain and manual dexterity or ability to memorize and deduce. Although chance and fluke certainly help theirs. The simplified version is to place your favorite device in the center of the table, turn it on and start the corresponding menu of games to choose the one that most appeals to you and your guests. You can add those mentioned: roulette, billiards, labyrinths, air hockey, ping pong or the always complex fla-jong. Of course we can still simplify it more and limit the equation to you and your machine without tables or players, simply looking for pleasure and individual evasion through tasty board games.