Battleship Games

If the common ships are already impressive constructions, those destined to fight in conflicts directly take away the hiccups. Wearing gray colors but, above all, immense cannons capable of throwing projectiles at great distances, warships are divided into several categories, among which, by size and capacity of fire, the aircraft carriers and the destroyers themselves, of graphics and clarifying nomenclature. But warships not only serve to fuss in the middle of the ocean, to sink others of their own bearing and end human lives, have also inspired games, being "sink the fleet" the most popular. Do you remember it? It consisted in throwing fictitious missiles waiting to hear your opponent release that of "Touched!" Or, better yet, "Sunken!". What times! Well, in naval battle games you can have all that and much more. Pixilated versions of the same "sink the fleet", maritime strategy scatterings located both in our times and in other past, submarines, bombers and everything that moves above the water and, ultimately, make "boom!".