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Doom Games

"Doom" was by no means the first "shoot without rest" game that hit the market, but probably the best one at the time and the one that offered the most novel ideas. Since then, all the games of the style are in debt to him. What counts "Doom" does not have any complications: A Marine sees how a scientific experiment goes wrong and the base is filled with zombies and infernal creatures. It will have to travel armed to the flag and exterminate any living creature that crosses. This premise has given rise to several sequels and a movie. Thus, to speak of Doom games is to speak of a classic absolute, but also of all those that followed its wake. Be the version that you choose, what Doom games offers you is, first of all, a lot of action, some terror, adrenaline of high flights and the possibility of introducing yourself in a fantastic world and face monstrous creatures. You can finish them off thanks to the arsenal that you will have. Doom games are absolutely explosive and addictive.