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Worms Games

Let the one who worships the worms raise his hand! Also known as Worms. Surely they are very few, and that is why the poor worms do not arouse many sympathies. Not in the real world, where they are even used as an insult. However, in the world of virtual entertainment the worms have a more than remarkable presence and leave behind their disputed category to acquire very important roles. In the games of Worms the worms can become authentic military especially gifted for the combat strategy. Of course they are also well able to go over to the enemy side and turn the military, or any human being, into their breakfast. Especially if they are giant, ferocious and with sharp teeth. Ultimately there are the variations of worms in three dimensions with the quality that the more they eat, the more they grow, although this makes it difficult to find a place for their elongated bodies. In any role, and in any situation, the worms prove to be perfectly prepared to overcome challenges if they have your help. Only here, only in the Worms games.