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If you have always been a fan of the 'Snake' classic cell phone par excellence you will love the snake games section. In it you can find many more modern and fun versions but they are played in a very similar way. You must handle a snake that at first is too small to get to eat the apples that appear on the screen. The more you eat, the bigger it will be and it will make it more difficult to move without touching your body. Play and you'll see how something so simple can be really addictive. But inside the games of snakes we also have other types, such as one in which you must eat the smaller snakes to grow and avoid the older ones because they will eat you. Or the fun game 'Guinea Pop' in which with the swing of the snake you must launch the hamsters to achieve different objectives. So even if you do not like these animals very much, have fun with them in a lot of different adventures.