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Zelda Games

Another example of an exciting universe emerged from video games that, thanks to its tremendous success, has expanded to other forms of entertainment such as comics, books, a television series and, obviously, online games. In this particular case we talk about Zelda games, directly arising from the phenomenon The Legend of Zelda, the magical and medieval adventures of the brave warrior Link, in his tireless crusade to help Princess Zelda and defeat Ganondorf to keep peace in her Earth, the kingdom of Hyrule. In the Zelda games you will embody a Link with an 8-bit aesthetic willing to fight against creatures born of the underworld. But you will also have to give a bouquet of flowers to Zelda on Valentine's Day before the Royal girl gets angry. Or face not terrifying bugs, but the very Mario, of Super Mario Bros, in an intricate and exciting motorcycle race. With the games of Zelda the term adventures meets expectations, but also goes beyond for your eternal joy and grateful entertainment.