Solitaire Games

There are many things that can be done alone. Watch movies, listen to music, read books, knit crochet, walk in the park and ... play. There are also many possible games when the company is scarce, but the most popular and common is one that takes place with cards and answers the logical and not surprising name of solitaire! It is so common that it is included in computers as another function, one that is especially used by older people who generally do not control the operation of the device ... except if they are solitaire games. Imagine how happy they will be when they learn that, here and now, they have an immense and endless string of solitaire games that, without changing their mode of use, offer novel and colorful designs in which colors, patterns and shapes They vary happily. The story is to use all the cards in the deck to build four piles classified by pints, starting with the aces in ascending order. And as the wise say: loneliness is a good partner ... and a better opponent.