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Within our great music games there are two types, one in which you must play musical instruments or play professional DJ and others in which you will have to dance to the rhythm of the music. You do not need to choose you can play at all! Play the guitar in the style of the games 'Guitar Hero' or 'Rock Band' by pressing the appropriate keys at the right time so that the melody sounds good. If your thing is heavy metal do not hesitate a minute, you'll love playing sagas like the 'Santa Rockstar'. But if yours is the dance in these music games you can give free rein to your rhythm dancing Dance music, Hip-Hop or doing incredible steps of breakdance. Keep in mind the rhythm to press the key when appropriate or else the dance steps will not go well. You can also emulate the cheerleaders by learning the most difficult steps to encourage the team. If you manage to do well you can enter the group of cheerleaders of the school.