Running Games

Escape the most unsuspected dangers in our collection of running games. Do not look back and prevent dinosaurs, zombies or the San Fermines bulls from catching you. Jump when you encounter an obstacle or skid if possible. You can also demonstrate your speed in Olympic modalities such as the jump with go or simply the 100 meters. And if you prefer horse racing you can also enjoy our running games with these beautiful animals. And you can not miss new exciting sports such as Parkour where you will have to do all kinds of jumps running around the city, climb roofs, railings or shelves doing incredible tricks that will give you points in the game. We recommend the game 'Free Running 2' with impressive 3D graphics and emotion secured on the rooftops of the city. If the 'running' is fashionable in this section you can put on your best shoes and run as fast as possible to meet the different goals you have in each game.