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Do not be fooled, friend, driving is an art. And an art requires practice and discipline if you pretend to master it perfectly. Driving does not mean just holding on to the steering wheel. Not much less. You have to know how to do it correctly, holding it in the right way and with just pressure. The same applies to the pedals and the shift lever. Of course, sticking to the book on driving as art, written by Sir Arthur Chirimoyo a hundred years ago, as well as painting, sculpture or musical composition, driving also has different modalities. You can take the reins of a car, a bus, a tank, a truck, a sports car or even a motorcycle. The end is the same, go on the road without leaving or crashing. Then there is one more option. Play driving games, which require equal mastery of controls, but you can get over generously, which is always more fun without being excluded from the history books dedicated just to driving games. Thank you!.