Flying Games

If God had wanted man to fly, would he have given him wings? ¡Paparruchas! And what do they tell me about online games? Flying games like those that the magnanimous, you or anyone can locate here and now and, by the way, take advantage of them in endless hours of fun ?. Look, they're spoilers, hey. The catalog is wide and generous: Airplane, helicopter, hang glider, glider, rocket, catapult or, already put, to jump down a damn precipice and see what the hell happens. Yes, man can conquer the heavens in many ways, but none is more secure and free than through a screen. Whether for the pleasure of frolicking in the clouds or for some noble cause of those involving secret missions, rescues or battles for libertarian purposes. The question is to fly and enjoy the experience, to turn our congeners into simple ants and forget the vile gravity. That and much more is what these joyous flying games offer you. Put your wings, give the click and fly creature, fluttering !!.