Fidget Spinner Games

The Spinner Fidget, or Spinner at tea time, is a toy whose function is supposed to be adequate to combat stress and anxiety. Although its great success has not been developed in the psychologists' offices, but in the same toy stores, where children from all over the world, and some adults, have run to buy it and since then they spend the hours spinning it and spinning non-stop . It is a central axis surrounded by three, four or more arms that end with rings with bearings. And it is that the question here is to turn eternally, subject this enough for the creation of a whole bunch of games of Fidget Spinner. In them you will find challenges such as breaking speed records, either alone or accompanied by other addicts thanks to the multiplayer option. There are also Fidget Spinner games where interest in the aesthetic predominates. The colors, shapes and possible beads to make the turn much more elegant. Fidget Spinner games that you will enjoy and spin without rest.