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Enjoy one of the sections with fun and action assured, we have plenty of platform games in which jump, run, fight or shoot to achieve your goals. Take on all kinds of dangers like zombies, evil ninjas, robots, enemy soldiers and many more. Depending on the game you will have to dodge them, jump on them or shoot if you have a weapon. The stage can also be full of obstacles such as spikes, fire or flooded areas that will make your goal even more difficult to achieve. Within the platform games you can find classics like the famous Mario Bros with a lot of challenges and with their usual enemies or the fun Sonic in which to handle the hedgehog faster in their exciting adventures. You can also play with comic characters like Wolverine in incredible adventures like 'Wolverine Tokyo Fury', eliminating Joker the evil enemy of Batman, jumping from building to building with Spiderman or helping people in danger with Superman. In this section you will find hours and hours of assured entertainment.