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In our fun shooting games you can demonstrate your aim by throwing all kinds of objects or even people and animals. Surely you've ever played the famous 'Angry Birds', because in this section you have a lot of versions of the game with its famous birds protagonists in different places like Rio de Janeiro, on Halloween night or at Christmas. But the objective is always the same, to throw the birds calculating the angle and strength of the catapult to destroy the towers as much as possible. But there are more types of shooting games in which you can use cannons to destroy pirate ships or enemy castles, arrows to explode balloons or break chains and strings to free hangings as in the saga 'Gibbets' or darts to hit the center of the bullseye And they could not miss two sports in which the throws are very important as the games of penalties or fouls of the football and the ones of basketball in which to dunk all the baskets that you can in the free throws or in games of skill.