Airplane Games

Do you suffer from aerophobia ?, that is, do you feel terrified about getting on airplanes and visiting the heights sitting in a comfortable armchair? Do not worry, friend, we will give you a series of tips with which you can overcome such an ominous evil. First, find out what plane you get, is it a passenger, a fighter, a bomber or those who do pirouettes ?. Second, run away from negative thoughts. Nothing to imagine free falls, confrontations with enemy planes, nor the destruction of invading lairs based on bombs. Third, if there is turbulence, a bullet of bullets holes the chassis or explodes something nearby, breathes deeply. And fourth, look for a distraction. You can read a book, throw paper balls at the next one or play airplane games on your favorite device. You will experience all the situations described, from the most difficult to the most exciting, without getting up from your seat. No longer your plane, but your own living room. With airplane games you have fun, you get distracted and you get rid of all your phobias, can you ask for more, stewardess ?.