Helicopter Games

The blades of the helicopter rotate at 350 revolutions per minute, the same ones that your suffering fingers will reach when you inevitably get used to these helicopter war games, so much that you can not stop pressing buttons and keys like a possessed person. And with so many missions to accomplish, individuals to help, landscapes to fly over, enemies to defeat, characters to embody and other trinkets of similar caliber, no human being can resist the temptation to grab the controls of these devices. flying Fantastic aircraft that can do everything. They change direction to pleasure, they stay parked in the air, they go up and down vertically, they can load the heavier packages and, if you staple them a few submachine guns or grenade launchers on the sides, they pull jaleos that I do not even tell you. Enjoy such material transferred to the screen of your device in all its splendor, color, humor and dynamism. A lot of highly fun helicopter games with which you can rotate as much and as high as you want, without looking bad for it.