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When we talk about vehicles, trucks are a point apart. Thanks to popular culture, these brown beasts with too many wheels drag an image of indomitable, powerful, free, adventurous and even dangerous that goes hand in hand when it comes to playing with truck games. There have been rebels and masters of the road. Devilish and stubborn in chasing Sunday. As well as futurists and the ideal transport for times of apocalypse, plagues and other trinkets. Something similar to a tank, but more comfortable and less harmful ... although when it's time, and angry, the trucks can be lethal. Given such a scenario, no one can deny the role when it comes to throwing endless games. In some you will have to park without crushing the next door. In others, drag tremendous merchandise through difficult areas. And for everyone to be happy, you will also locate fantasy trucks driven by bizarre characters in highly surreal environments and situations. And is that a truck gives a lot. It's big, it's clumsy ... but in the end it drips charisma on its four broad sides.