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It is often said that games and movies go hand in hand and are fed back. Proof of such succulent and accurate theory you have here, with all these movie games put at your disposal. The common theme is the seventh art and those wonderful fantasy characters that have marked several generations of movie fans. From the dark romanticism of the "Twilight" saga, to the more extreme martial arts of "Kill Bill", the wild adventures of "Night in the Museum", the family gang of superheroes embodied by "The Incredibles", the furious dinosaurs from "Jurassic Park", to the spooky terror of "The Grudge" or the all-powerful "Avengers". During the intermissions, you can experience how the super stars live or make them up and leave them very attractive so that they are the center of attention in the next Oscars gala. Games of movies, of film, ready for you to be the protagonist of all those fabulous stories with which he continually gives us the great and sacred white screen. Camera and action !.