Finn and Jake Games

Finn Mertenes is a fifteen-year-old boy with a great sense of adventure and eager to explore and know the fantastic Land of Ooo that lives with his super friend and adoptive brother Jake, a dog with the ability to stretch and deform the body at pleasure. Finn and Jake, together and scrambled, are the absolute protagonists of the famous series "Time of Adventures", in which live all kinds of strange and imaginative stories during which they love each other, fight, reconcile and help each other. Come on, like two ordinary brothers. The games of Finn and Jake transfer that essence, and its dynamics, to your device based on races, jumps, snowball fights, dancing, gathering lemons, confrontations with infernal creatures and so many healthy follies that will alter your senses. Welcome to the world of Finn and Jake, where the word routine does not exist and behind every pixel there is a surprise. A unique universe that you can access thanks to these games by Finn and Jake. Seize it!.