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It's Adventure Time, be welcome to the amazing Kingdom of Ooo !, where fantasy prevails above all things. You can visit places as fascinating as the Ice Kingdom, the tasty Chuchelandia, the Space Bultos or La Nochesfera with its lilac clouds. If these names seem strange to you, wait to see who inhabits such environments. The vampire Marceline, the Flame Princess with fiery hair, the always sad Frozen King or the terrifying Lich. But all these characters would not have "raison d'ĂȘtre" if it were not for the authentic protas of the show, the human Finn and his magical yellow dog Jake, both anxious for the Adventure Time to arrive. Now take all that, put it in a shaker and shake it well. The result will be Adventure Time games, in which so amazing scenarios and no less hallucinated characters star in all sorts of fantastic stories, rescues of princesses, battles against evil creatures and other trinkets that you can enjoy only in Adventure Time games and your particular and addictive world.