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Ben 10 Games

It's time to be a hero, embodying the star of the cartoon Ben 10 !. Benjamin Kirby Tennyson was a ten-year-old ordinary kid who, after coupling the fabulous Martian watch Omnitrix, went on to become the almighty Ben 10, a superhero with bangs willing to stop his feet and tentacles to a whole range of tremendous warlike aliens and deranged scientific deadly as Vilgax, Enoch or Dr. Animo. For which Ben 10 will travel sea and air, leg or on wheels, followed closely by his cousin, the lovely Gwen, and his grandfather, the grumpy Max, in these colorful games of Ben 10, arranged here in a row for your greater joy. Of course not only ugly monsters live our animated idol, any excuse is good to experience an exciting and intense crazy adventure with Ben 10 games that you should be enjoying already. Put yourself in the skin of the boy and prepare to feel endless emotions through the screen of your device !.